choice  (tʃɔɪs)
1. the act or an instance of choosing or selecting
2. the opportunity or power of choosing
3. a person or thing chosen or that may be chosen: he was a possible choice
4. an alternative action or possibility: what choice did I have?
5. a supply from which to select: a poor choice of shoes
6. of choice  preferred; favourite

(World English Dictionary)

Hello, and welcome to the Childfree Choice! One of the most important things I’d like people to understand is the concept of choice when it comes to childbearing. No, this has nothing to do with pro-choice or pro-life abortion issues. I’m not even gonna touch that. What I’m referring to is the fact that when it comes to having children, the choice most people think of is when.

The real choice, however, is if.

When you meet someone and fall in love, everyone wants to know when you’re getting married. Once you’re married, everyone wants to know when you’re having kids. Kids are the default option, and many people find it difficult to comprehend the thought of someone making another choice – or even that there IS another choice.

For those who never had any doubt about having children, it may be hard to think of your decision have them as a choice. For those who have felt guilty or ashamed about not wanting children in a world where it’s almost expected, it may come as a relief to find others like them who have made the childfree choice. Either way, I implore you to realize that being childfree is, in fact, a valid choice, not a deficit or disadvantage.

I hope you’ll follow along with me as I explore the pros, cons, challenges, and hilarities of a life that is childfree by choice.


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  1. Laura says:

    Welcome to childfree blog land! Laura Carroll here, author of Families of Two, and blogger at Look forward to following your blog, and please visit mine ~

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