I don’t know how people with kids do it. My husband and I are relocating to the other side of the state, and it’s been hectic. It came about without much warning, so we were in a frenzy of cleaning up the house, making some minor improvements, finding a realtor, packing things up, finding a place to live in the new city, etc. I’ve been exhausted for almost a month now!(hence my absence from the blog)

My husband has been in the new city for a few weeks now, even though we don’t officially move until next week, so it’s just been me and the dog. If I had an infant right now – or even an older child – I don’t think I could cope. The kid wouldn’t be going to bed at decent times, or eating proper meals at proper times. I’d be too tired to play. And we haven’t even gotten to the move out/in part, or the four hour drive part! It’s time like these where my childfree choice makes complete sense and I’m glad it’s a choice I made.


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