I’m not out to parent-bash or villainize the choice to have children. I simply want to highlight the fact that there is a choice, because I think many people see having kids as an inevitability in life. Most people don’t speculate about if they or anyone else will have kids, but rather when. The truth is many sane, rational, thoughtful, kind people are making a conscious choice not to have children.

There are many reasons for making the decision to be childfree, and I will use this site to go over some of those. I will also use this site to poke fun at parenting and the childfree alike.  I may do a bit of ranting, but I am rarely serious with anger.

Overall, my hope is to provide a light-hearted, informative environment that gives a voice to those living childfree by choice and sheds some light on the subject so people with kids can better identify with the childfree people in their lives.